About Bagri

 High Availability

 Fault Tolerance


 Data Consistency


 Transparent Scalability

 ACID Transactions


Bagri is a Document DataBase built on top of distributed cache solution like Hazelcast or Coherence. The system allows to process semi-structured schema-less documents and perform distributed queries on them in real-time. It scales horizontally very well with use of data sharding, when all documents are distributed evenly between distributed cache partitions. Started as a Native XML DB initially, the system has grown to process any kind of documents with self-describing data format (JSON, for instance) via pluggable parsers API.

The system is best suited to work with medium (1K..1M) sized documents containing data (data-centric XML documents, as opposite to content-centric XML). The number of simultaneously processed documents is limited by the size of internal distributed data store only. The underlying cache platform is used not only as a Data Grid, but also as a Computation Grid for parallel data processing by means of tasks performing on distributed cache cluster.

The first Open Source product which entirely meets modern Enterprise requirements

High Availability, Fault Tolerance, Transparent Scalability, Data Consistency, Security, ACID Transactions – all of these requirements are must-have features for Enterprise level solution. There is a number of Open Source products which provide some of the features stated above, but none of them implement all of these features in one single platform. Bagri does this with help of underlying distributed cache platform which is able to handle hundreds of thousands transactions per second without sacrificing performance.

As a schema-free solution Bagri does not require any meta-data change when processing document formats evolve. An internal XQuery engine used for data querying and transformation provides exceeding flexibility in data processing tasks based on solid foundation of XQuery standards. The XQuery language is still evolving rapidly in answer to market demands which makes it the best candidate for all-in-one tool for processing of any volumes of semi-structured data.

Bagri License

Bagri is distributed using the Apache 2 License. The core of the system with most important enterprise features like high availability/fault tolerance, horizontal scalability, integration with other open source platforms currently is and will always be distributed as an open source product.

However core development team plans to develop and distribute some additional commercial extensions or bundles mainly aimed at big enterprise customers those extensions will include traffic and data encryption, integration with corporate access control systems, XA resource adapters etc. Support of extended features of XPath/XQuery will also be included into commercial bundles. List of Bagri bundles with full feature matrix can be found here.

Sounds interesting? Explore the full strength of Bagri from the Features section, or just go to Downloads and try it yourself!