Bagri presentation

Our team plans to attend few conferences and startup events in upcoming months to present our project to the general public. For that purpose we prepared a technical presentation in MS Powerpoint which we’re going to show to the audience at these events.

Our presentation includes the following topics:

  • General overview of the product
  • Description of most valuable features
  • Detailed description of our platform
  • Detailed description of each component of the system
  • System performance analysis
  • Description of various deployment options
  • Management and monitoring of the system
  • Short description of UI


Bagri presentation in MS Powerpoint format can be found here.

Your feedback about our presentation is always welcome.

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  1. A huge amount of information about new way in development of document-oriented databases! It was very interesting and useful to deep into this materials – presentation, technical overview and other. May be a bit complicated for me to understand because my own background is associated with Microsoft technologies, and still it seemed to me that the existing tools are enough to development and solving actual business problems.
    But definitely it’s a perspective technologies which we should to test and try to use in nearest future.

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