The new Bagri release v1.1.0 is out

Today we published a new Bagri release. Yes, a full production ready release, not a pre-release like it was before.
The most important improvements are:

  • Implemented embedded REST server providing access to the system via HTTP;
  • Implemented dynamic resource publication and amendment via XQuery modules and RESTXQ annotations;
  • All Bagri artifacts are now published in the Maven central repository;
  • Bagri REST interfaces are exposed as Swagger OpenAPI definitions allowing generation of clients in various languages supported by Swagger codegen;
  • Updated documentation explaining REST-related features and configuration settings;
  • A number of bug fixes and enhancements were applied to Bagri VisualVM plugin;

For the full list of resolved issues and enhancements please visit our GetHub repository

Now its a good time to download and try it yorself 🙂


  1. The really breaking news! All the great events occur, as it were common, usual things. There are really lot of reasons to start using it especially by the newest “Digital transformation” trend 🙂

    1. Sergey, I’m totally agree! There are so many cases where the project fits perfectly. Have you seen our article about possible use of Bagri in Health Care? Actually, it should be very common with EGAIS, I suspect..

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