Just released: Bagri 1.1.2. What’s new?

Added support for MS .NET Framework. The new .NET assembly is included in the latest release here. It takes just a few lines of code to connect .NET client with external Bagri cluster:

Properties props = new Properties();
props.setProperty(ADDRESS, “localhost:10500”);
props.setProperty(SCHEMA, “default”);
props.setProperty(USER, “guest”);
props.setProperty(PASSWORD, “password”);
props.setProperty(XQ_PROCESSOR, “com.bagri.xquery.saxon.XQProcessorClient”);
props.setProperty(XDM_REPOSITORY, “com.bagri.client.hazelcast.impl.SchemaRepositoryImpl”);

XQDataSource xqds = new BagriXQDataSource();
XQConnection xqConn = xqds.getConnection();

For more details please see the sample C# app added in the release.

Added Docker image. Bagri image on the DockerHub is here: bagri/bagri. Just open a Docker console and pull it from the repository:

> docker pull bagri/bagri
> docker run -it bagri/bagri

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