New major release: Bagri DB 1.2.0

bagri_1.2The new version of Bagri DB has been published recently. This release mostly focused on Document Management API simplification and performance, which is increased significantly. A number of new document handling options were introduced to speed up document processing, such as:

  • Non-transactional document store mode;
  • Batch document processing and retrieval;
  • Asynchronous document processing;
  • Customizable document content serialization;
  • Document content compression;

I hope to finish Bagri DB performance comparison with some other NoSQL DBs shortly and will publish it here.
Also, the document elements caching scheme has been revised, now the system stores data elements only. This change allowed us to decrease document storage footprint to 30..60%, depending on the document structure.
Another important extension has been introduced in the Model (Content) Management API which allows pre-processing of document schemas and document content conversion between different Data Formats.
The full list of enhancements and bug fixes can be found at our GitHub, to download the latest version just go to Bagri releases section.

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